Original Abstract Flower Art Painting by Lisa Marie Jones
Hello and welcome to this site. I am an Australian Artist painting modern, contemporary and abstract art. My paintings are original, fresh, vibrant and alive. Many of my modern artworks feature floral art. I have a passion for painting flowers. To me, their subject matter exemplifies love, being … and just plain old life itself! 

My Inspiration when painting
When I paint it's the colour that dictates the painting. The colours call out to me before I even know what strokes I will make. Here's my take on colour ...
Colour, the hue of life.  A universal language, free of bias.  Colourful skies, colourful landscapes, colourful people, colourful places.  Colour makes the world a bright and joyful place. A consistent truth, bold yet humble in the reflection of oneness. Colour ignites the heart and speaks to the soul. Colour connects!

My Mission 
To bring colour, blossom, art and joy into people's lives, homes, spaces and into the world.

My favourite Quote: 
"Its the space between the colour that makes the art"

Cherish each and every colourful moment :-)


Lisa Marie Jones xxx

Australian Artist Painter Original Abstract Flower Art Painting by Lisa Marie Jones